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Path of Exile Synthesis expansion and PS4 release date confirmed

Published: 13:11, 20 February 2019
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Synthesis is the next major expansion for Path of Exile and it's coming to PC on 08 March 2019. The new expansion will introduce unique progression, a new challenge league as well as new memory dungeons that offer some valuable rewards.

Grinding Gear Games have announced the next major expansion for their free to play ARPG Path of Exile. Named Synthesis, the expansion is set to add new areas, a challenge league and an NPC with a unique questline.

The main NPC in the expansion is Cavas who lost his memory and it's up to players to help him recover it. Every memory is a small area and can be accessed through portals that will appear in each world area.

Once you enter the memory, the goal is to race through the level before the darkness closes in on you. Surviving long enough will reward players with memory fragments.

These fragments can then be placed on a Memory Nexus which is a map where new memories form a continuous set of mini-dungeons for exploration can be found. The ultimate goal is to complete a full sequence which provides you with special loot and rewards from Cavas.

In addition to the new memory gameplay loop, Grinding Gear Games also included a huge rebalance of spells. More than 40 spells have been overhauled and rebalanced, focusing on improving hand-casting which is a spellcasting without using a totem, trap or mine. Furthermore, Path of Exile is now richer for new spells and skills, including the first-ever Holy-elemental attack.

Synthesis also adds 14 new gems including 7 Skill Gems, 4 Support Gems and complete revamp to some existing Gems. Just like previous expansions, Synthesis is bringing new gear and weapons. Alongside the items which can be obtained through memory dungeons, Synthesis will feature 16 new unique items and 16 Divination Cards designed by players.

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Due to popular demand, Grinding Gear Games have integrated the Betrayal League into the core game. This means that you'll still get to hunt down the Immortal Syndicate but the content has been rebalanced to occur less often than it did during Betrayal.

Path of Exile Synthesis is dropping on 08 March for PC, followed by the Xbox One launch on 11 March 2019. Grinding Gear Games also confirmed that Path of Exile will release in March 2019 for PlayStation 4.

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