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Path of Exile Legion brings combat overhaul, new items and more

Published: 09:13, 22 May 2019
Grinding Gear Games
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Path of Exile Legion

Grinding Gear Games have detailed the next major Path of Exile update named Legion, which is scheduled to drop in June 2019. Legion will introduce melee combat overhaul along with new items, gems, Legion challenge league and more.

Path of Exile June expansion is named Legion and it brings a ton of new content to Grinding Gear Games' free to play action RPG. The update includes the Legion challenge league, new items and gems, a game-wide overhaul of melee combat, and much more.

As you start exploring Wraeclast in the Legion league, you'll discover Monoliths which can be activated to reveal and pull as many enemies and chests you can out of the dimension. Once the effect of Monolith wears off, you'll get to battle these powerful monsters that drop valuable items.

Grinding Gear Games state that Legion will grant players full control over risk and reward, allowing them to choose which enemies to free - weaker ones for less valuable loot or the strongest foes that drop the best gear.

Enemies from each of the five Legions will drop Splinters, which then combine together to form an Emblem of that particular Legion. Placing two or more of these Emblems from different Legions in a Map Device will give you access to the Doman of Timeless Conflict, a skirmish battle between those Legions. 

You'll then slay the enemies for even more loot and with an upgraded Map Device, players can even participate in the ultimate conflict between all five Legions.

As for the melee combat revamp, Grinding Gear Games addressed most of the core issues with melee combat in Path of Exile. Players will now be able to cancel attack animations after they deal damage and movement skills are now all instant, with new low-level movement skills for many classes.

Furthermore, all melee attacks can now hit multiple adjacent enemies. The animation system has been completely overhauled, monster targeting rules improved and accuracy is no longer capped at 95 per cent.

On top of these changes, there are a lot more minor tweaks along with rebalancing of most melee skills to create an entirely new combat experience.

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