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Paradox Interactive's next grand strategy game is Imperator: Rome

Published: 12:45, 21 May 2018
Paradox Interactive
First picture of Imperator: Rome video game, showing a statue of Ceasar hailing at someone
Imperator: Rome

Paradox Interactive have announced their next grand strategy - Imperator: Rome. The game is scheduled for a 2019 release, and considering it has "Paradox" stamped all over it, we are expecting to see a metric ton of DLC post launch.

According to Paradox, players will get to explore "alternative histories" in Imperator: Rome where the world may have never seen Alexander's empire crumbling due to squabbles over succession or where Ceasar may have never ruled the Roman Empire.

The setting of Imperator: Rome will span from "the glory days of Athens" to "the establishment of the Roman Empire four centuries later". Players will get to rule any nation on "the most detailed Paradox map ever" that will stretch from western civilisations to India on East. Players will be presented with governing republics of monarchies, balancing the power between factions and keeping loyalty of their generals.

Imperator: Rome will feature character management that will apparently include skills and traits that will change over time. These skills and traits refer to the characters players will allow to lead their nation, govern provinces and command their armies. Paradox have also noted that they will introduce a new style of character art that resembles humans more.

There will, of course, be different populations in the game that will be made up of citizens, freemen, tribesmen and slaves, each of whom have their own culture and religion. It will be up to players to decide how to allocate them, whether to fill their armies with these people, grab coin from them or use the people as their new colonists. While this is happening, players will need to keep an eye out for the civilisation's happiness, as it will gauge their chances of success.

Paradox Interactive Screenshot from Imperator: Rome showing the ancient nations around Mediterranean Sea Imperator: Rome

While Imperator: Rome is set for a release in 2019, more info on the game should be popping up a lot sooner, since the first trailer shown is just a teaser. Gameplay trailers and other media are sure to follow in the next few weeks. You can check all the available details on in the meantime.

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