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BattleTech post-launch roadmap has been officially announced

Published: 14:38, 05 May 2018
Harebrained Schemes
Two mechs are fighting and some of their limbs are missing as a result

BattleTech's recent release has generated favourable reviews which put the developers at Harebrained Schemes in the fifth gear. To that end, they have announced their post-launch plans for BattleTech on the game's Kickstarter page.

Harebrained Schemes have expressed their gratitude towards BattleTech's fan base and positive reviews in their post, citing these factors to be the "success" they hoped for. For those not in the loop, Harebrained Schemes have always said that the amount of post launch content will largely depend on how the game fares. Well, they have achieved the success and laid out the roadmap for their future work on BattleTech.

First change BattleTech players will be receiving are bug fixes that are scheduled for late May. Compatibility and performance upgrades will be there along the way but the potential time window for their release is not specified. 

Linux support will be arriving together with German, French and Russian localisation but these also do not have a set ETA. Customisation and more player options do, however, and they are set to be implemented in June or July 2018. These changes will address some of the main gripes players have had with BattleTech so far, such as difficulty settings, accelerated combat options, interface changes and the promised MechWarrior customisation options.

Our BattleTech saw these shortcomings and it appears Harebrained Schemes did as well, as they reacted rather quickly with the roadmap. They announced these updates nine days after the game was released, hinting at the developers' agency on the matter.

There is one more point that Jordan Weissman, the creator of BattleTech universe, made prior to the game's release - they will aspire to create , but it also depended on the game's success. Now that the game has succeeded, they did announce one or two paid expansions could be happening in the future but Harebrained Schemes' immediate focus will remain on bug fixes and quality of life improvements in order to address player feedback as much as possible.

Harebrained Battletech screenshot of Atlas mech about to go nasty on a much smaller opponent Battletech - I'd slap a

We would love to see more than one or two expansions for the game though, and considering that Harebrained Schemes have Weissman at their helm, there is plenty of potential for expanding the game's universe.

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