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Europa Universalis IV: Emperor lets you be the Pope you always wanted

Published: 16:25, 05 June 2020
Updated: 16:33, 05 June 2020
Paradox Interactive
Europa Universalis VI: Emperor map
Europa Universalis VI: Emperor

So you want to be a Pope, do you? Okay, it may not have a ring to it immediately but Europa Universalis IV: Emperor's take on the holy city-state is both unique and fun.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor continues the tradition of being historically accurate, but your holy title won't be an obstacle to your preferred flavour - quite the contrary. 

Historically speaking, the Vatican is a rich goldmine of tales. Popes were shrewd businessmen, wise statesmen and frequently mixed it up with warfare, so you can't really go wrong with gameplay regardless of whether you emulate Francis or Pope Sith.

One of the choices set before players has to do with Reformation, where the Pope gets to decide whether his stance towards Protestants is more reconciliatory or, ahem, realistic.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor lets you expand by hiring cardinals, who continue to spread your influence once hired. You can buy them for gold, but you should know the price scales with your level. 

With a formidable alliance of Catholic provinces and the renowned Swiss Guard by their side, the Vatican's sway earns 10 per cent of the national tax, which is deposited in the treasury. Europa Universalis IV: Emperor comes with extensive stats, with the title of best Catholic among the potential bragging rights.

After admittedly being often overlooked by Europa Universalis, Theocracy has been developed into a system worthy of EU IV: Emperor. You can see some of the policies below.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor policies Europa Universalis IV: Emperor, some of the in-game policies

The development team reworked parts of the map from France to the Balkans, but Paradox are not done with gameplay demos. The next session will focus on Europa Universalis IV: Emperor's late-game changes and gameplay, just in time for the June 9, 2020, launch.

You can find the Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Feature Stream on Twitch .

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