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Crusader Kings II is on 75 per cent discount mere days after being free for the taking

Published: 18:00, 12 April 2018
Paradox Interactive
Some nobles are riding horses on a battlefield.
Crusader Kings II: House of Lords

Crusader Kings II is now on 75 per cent sale, even though it was free for the taking over the last weekend. On top of the base game's discount, there are sales on all of its expansions but these are on sale from to 33 to 50 per cent.

Crusader Kings II's front page states that "Europe is in turmoil" and while Europe may not be in turmoil, someone or something definitely is. There is a sale on both the vanilla game and all of the DLC, five days after the last DLC sale happened alongside free access to base game.

So in case someone didn't pick Crusader Kings II up for free, they can get it at a quarter of the regular price. The game is £8.6 which translates to exactly 10€ or USD on the official site right now and the DLC discounts will range from 33 to 50 per cent. 

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings II map showing the current state of Europe. Crusader Kings II

As mentioned before, the base game is pretty much just an at this point, due to the staggering amount of DLC the game has amassed throughout the six years since release. Bundle promotions are making a return as well, with the Five Year Anniversary Edition standing at £17,7 or 20,4€ or $20,4 USD. This bundle includes the base game, Ruler Designer DLC and four expansions - Way of Life, Sword of Islam, Legacy of Rome and The Old Gods.

The other bundle is named Crusader Kings II Collection and it includes the base game, all the additional content from the Five Year Anniversary Edition and any other DLC and expansions that were released prior to January 2017.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings II wallpaper promoting a medieval king. Crusader Kings II - To buy or not to buy.

Considering the free base game + discounted DLC promotion happened on Steam and the current sales are exclusive to the game's official site, it is possible that the discount fiesta last week saw moderate success which prompted Paradox Interactive to host another one without giving Valve the 30 per cent cut that happens when an item is purchased directly from the Steam store.

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