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Paradox are giving away free Crusader Kings 2 on Steam for the next two days

Published: 17:06, 06 April 2018
Paradox Development Studio
Promotional picture for Crusader Kings 2 showing the golden letters on a black background.
Crusader Kings II

Paradox Development Studio are looking to bolster their player base via DLC sales for Crusader Kings 2 and making the base game free for the taking. You can pick it up for free until the offer expires on Saturday at 17:00 GMT.

Paradox Development Studio are known for grand strategy games such as Stellaris, Europa Universalis and well, Crusader Kings. Gameplay is mostly the same in all of the games but they are set in different ages and different technological advancements are available in each game. Crusader Kings II for example, brought different diplomacy and heritage systems which allowed for better roleplaying within the game.

Now bear in mind that Crusader Kings II was released six years ago and Paradox Development Studio have added plethora of DLC during that time period. DLC packs can cost as low as £1,99 but the sheer amount of DLC can cost up to £62,33 with a 50 per cent discount. The base game is pretty much an extended demo at this point, but based on reviews from both critics and customers, it's well worth exploring. 

Paradox Screenshot from Jade Dragon DLC showing some Chinese guy with a beard. Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon DLC

Whether it's worth tossing that much money for the DLC remains up to you to decide but, it is highly suggested that you play through the base game for a bit before raiding your wallet. In order to get the base game, it is enough to click the ''Instal'' button on the game's Steam page and it will be added to your library.

On top of the potential bankruptcy threat the DLC bundle might present, there is a lot to be learned about the game through the vanilla version. Should you get it immediately bundled with the DLC you may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of information each DLC pack added over the years.

Paradox Screenshot from Crusader Kings II with Jade Dragon DLC installed. Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon DLC

Considering that Crusader Kings II is already six years old, it is also possible that the free copies of the game may be a way to warm players up for a potential sequel to the game, in the same way Ubisoft warmed everyone up for The Division 2 with massive updates and Global Events over the past four months.

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