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Paradox Interactive's BattleTech on sale at the best price to date

Published: 17:33, 29 November 2019
Paradox Interactve

BattleTech, Age of Wonders, Imperator: Rome are just some of Paradox' titles on sale now. The Black Friday deal includes a bunch of DLCs and expansions in addition to the core games being offered.

Paradox Interactive is having a big Black Friday sale and they are not holding back. Form Age of Wonders Planetfall, all the way to Majesty (the Gold HD Edition), it seems everything must go. You know what we mean. 

The highlight of the Paradox sale, however, has to be BattleTech as at 11.60₤ it's the cheapest the game has ever been. BattleTech expansions and DLCs also up for grabs include:

  • BattleTech (the core game)
  • BattleTech Season Pass
  • BattleTech Flashpoint
  • BattleTech Urban Warfare
  • BattleTech Shadow Hawk Pack (DLC)
  • BattleTech Digital Deluxe Content (DLC)

The discounts range from 25 to 66 per cent.

BattleTech launched in April 2018. The game is a turn-based strategy, which is not surprising as it came from Harebrained Schemes, the minds behind Shadowrun series.

Meanwhile, Paradox Interactive are well-known for their wide range of grand strategy games. Some of them are on offer, as follows:

  • Imperator: Rome - 33 per cent off
  • Hearts of Iron III and IV - 75 and 60 per cent off, respectively 
  • Stellaris - 75 per cent off
  • Europa Universalis III and IV - 75 per cent off

Europa Universalis IV's expansions on sale:

  • Mandate of Heaven 
  • Rights of Man 
  • Art of War 
  • The Cossacks
  • Mare Nostrum 
  • Common Sense
  • El Dorado
  • Conquest of Paradise 

Each expansion is marked down by 50 per cent.

A slew of expansions and DLCs from Paradox' library are also available and you can check out their entire offer right . The Paradox Interactive Black Friday Sale will be live from 29 November until 09:00 UTC on 2 December.

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