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Overwatch's new hero Ashe is getting aim smoothing in next patch

Published: 23:14, 20 November 2018
Overwatch's latest hero Ashe
Overwatch, Ashe

Overwatch's new hero and McCree's old boss Ashe will be getting some aiming tweaks come the next patch day, because her aiming down sights ended up being quite choppy for players who are playing Blizzard's game at 60 FPS or higher.

In fact, most players who boast 170-200 FPS have reported that aiming down sights with Ashe feels like having 60 FPS, which is quite the drop. Of course, the nature of frame drops within these still comfortable margins is that it's felt more than actively perceived, so not all players understood their point immediately.

Another Overwatch player who noticed something is off with Ashe made a detailed analysis, finding that the reticle movement doesn't always coincide with where her gun is aiming. He suggested turning off the HUD and training that way, but Blizzard came to the rescue. 

Well, more precisely Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team, who confirmed that Ashe's "animation can look choppy or stepped". He said that there's no lag going on, as "the ADS still happens at the correct speed", which is why the animations look a bit off.

Kaplan said that the upcoming Overwatch patch will be fixing that by smoothing out the ADS, which should fix it for players sporting FPS counts higher than 60. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that it'll come with the next patch, which is version 1.31, since it is already well into its PTR testing phase.

According to his reply, the Overwatch team have been looking into rushing the fix a bit, but it's a slim chance at the moment. "It's a lot of code and needs a fair amount of testing so we don't want to rush it and risk breaking something else", Kaplan said.

Blizzard Picture of Ashe and BOB in Overwatch Overwatch - Ashe and BOB

Overwatch's patch 1.31 that's currently on the PTR is the one that removes the ability of to stun through shields, a tweak that arguably takes priority over Ashe's ADSing. I'm just saying arguably to be polite though - we all know it's high time her OPness evaporated.

You can find Jeff's Reddit reply .

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