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Nvidia are enabling G-Sync on compatible Freesync monitors

Published: 10:29, 12 January 2019
picture showing nvidia g-sync logo
Nvidia G-Sync

Nvidia officially announced G-Sync Compatible feature which will bring G-Sync technology to compatible Freesync monitors. Nvidia confirmed that 12 monitors are supported at the moment but the list will increase as the tests continue.

After more than six years of exclusivity, Nvidia's display technology G-Sync will become available on some FreeSync monitors later in January 2019. The GPU Giant officially announced G-Sync Compatible displays list which currently has twelve G-Sync capable monitors. These monitors were tested by Nvidia.

Nvidia promised to test every FreeSync monitor on the market but they will only officially support those who are good enough to provide a neat gaming experience. This could mean that only high-end FreeSync monitors will receive the G-Sync support but we'll have to wait until more monitors are added to the list to know for sure.

Until now, Nvidia tested more than 400 FreeSync monitors and the fact that only twelve monitors were "worthy enough" tells you just how picky they are. However, if your FreeSync display is not officially supported by Nvidia, you can still activate the feature manually and see just how good or bad your monitor actually is when combined with G-Sync.

Nvidia picture showing g-sync compatible monitors List of G-Sync compatible monitors

These are still pretty big news for PC gaming and GPU market regardless of how long the final list of supported monitors will be. This move will certainly serve as additional marketing ammo for Nvidia and their GTX GeForce 10-Series and RTX GeForce 20-Series graphics cards. 

Of course, Nvidia still recommends G-Sync monitors for the best experience but these products were always more pricey when compared to FreeSync monitors. Many tests were conducted where AMD's and Nvidia's technology went head to head and some of them showed almost non-existent differences between the two.

AMD's FreeSync is an open-source technology and was always available for Nvidia to use it and implement support on their own cards. But, they are yet to do that and are still keeping G-Sync as the only variable refresh rate solution on their cards.

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