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AMD could launch both RDNA3 and ZEN4 at the same time

Published: 13:05, 07 June 2021
artwork showing AMD radeon gpu
AMD Radeon 5700 XT

Tech giant AMD could be planning to launch both RDNA3 graphics cards and ZEN4 CPUs sometime in Q4 2022, according to reliable industry leaker Broly_X1.

AMD have been smashing it with their ZEN architecture over the last couple of years and with big improvements in RDNA2, the company is certainly looking to get even closer to the GPU market leader Nvidia. With the recent announcement of Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FFSR), AMD are getting closer but a proper step forward in their GPU department is expected with the second iteration of ray-tracing tech and FFSR, which should be coming with RDNA3.

Both RDNA3 and ZEN4 are expected to launch in Q4 2022 if the info from reliable industry leaker Broly_X1 is correct. The leaker states that both architectures will be launched around the same time and RDNA3 should tape out later this year, meaning that the design of the process is close to being completed. 

"RDNA3 and ZEN4 will be launched around the same time. RDNA3 will tape out later this year," the leaker tweeted and also added "Q4 2022" in the following tweet.

 As always with rumours and leaks, a dose of scepticism is required but we would say that this one could turn out to be legit. Broly_X1 has been spot on with the predictions, leaking the entire Computex keynote and even predicting the launch date of Radeon Pro.

 Thanks, videocardz.

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