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Nubia joins Civilization VI with next DLC

Published: 11:23, 26 July 2017
Civilization VI - Nubia

Civilization VI might get a proper expansion some day, but will most likely drown us all in DLC before that happens. The newest DLC will bring Nubia into the game, with bonuses for ranged units and construction speed.

The latest civ coming to Civilization VI is Nubia led by Kandake Amanitore, and her special ability adds a 20 per cent production bonus to city districts with the bonus going up to 40 per cent with a Nubian Pyramid adjacent to the City Center. 

Firaxis Civilization VI - Nubian Pítati Civilization VI - Nubian Pítati

The Nubian unique unit is the Pítati archer, which replaces the standard archer and has increased movement speed and strength, while all Nubian ranged units gain combat experience faster.

The unique improvement that Nubia gets further leans the civ towards an aggressive early game builder playstyle. The Nubian Pyramid can be built on desert, desert hills of floodplains tiles. In addition, nubian mines provide additional benefits if built on strategic or luxury resources.

Firaxis Civilization VI - Nubian Pyramid Civilization VI - Nubian Pyramid

All in all, Nubila seems geared toward rapid early game base develpment, while its unique archers should have little trouble doubling as explorers and dominating any opposition they come across in the ancient era.

Firaxis Civilization VI - Jebel Barkal wonder for Nubia Civilization VI - Jebel Barkal wonder for Nubia

The DLC comes with a new scenario as well. "Nubia lies in modern-day Sudan, south of Egypt. So, for the new Gifts of the Nile Scenario, you lead either Nubia or Egypt to see who will control the Nile River. The winner is the first civilization to complete seven Temples dedicated to Amun in this 125-turn scenario", reads the DLC's Steam .

As with previous DLC for Civilization VI, this one will most likely set you back about £4, and will be included in the Digital Deluxe version.

Firaxis Civilization VI - Queen Amanitore Civilization VI - Queen Amanitore

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