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Civilization VI's Babylon Pack unveiled, to add King Arthur and other heroes

Published: 19:05, 09 November 2020
2K Games
Civilization VI, DLC 4, Babylon Pack
Civilization VI, DLC 4, Babylon Pack

2K and Firaxis Games have officially unveiled the name and contents of Civilization VI's fourth DLC pack in New Frontier Pass - it's called Babylon Pack and it's as much about science as about legends and myths.

As the devs revealed, Babylon Pack will bring six new city-states, one of each type and each coming with own unique perks. To further add to the greatness of the iconic strategy, Civilization VI is getting 24 new Great People, many of which should be household names to history buffs. 

Perhaps even more excitingly though, Babylon Pack will bring a new mode called Heroes and Legends, and the name is a pretty good hint at what it entails. 

Namely, Heroes and Legends mode adds twelve powerful Hero units from all sorts of myths and legends from all over the planet. Each Hero's abilities will be resembling their mythologic counterparts and while Civ VI developer suggested that some of these Heroes may be a bit more esoteric, the first one is virtually impossible to not know. 

We're talking about King Arthur of Camelot, wielder of Excalibur and a renowned expert in swallow aerodynamics. His ability Arthur's Accolade is an awesome one, as he can transform adjacent units into Questing Knight, a unique Heavy Cavalry unit with extra combat strength and 10 turn lifespan. 

The rest of Civ VI's new Heroes will also boast awesome abilities, and you'll be able to recruit more of them by exploring and expanding your empire. 

Note that Heroes will be unique to the game you're playing, meaning there can be only one King Arthur for instance. Should they meet their end prematurely, they'll leave you with an Epic that provides you buffs until the end of the game, and Symbolic Object. 

Civilization VI: Babylon Pack DLC launches on November 19, 2020 on all available platforms. 

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