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Civilization VI's February update adding Barbarian Clans mode, leader selection pool

Published: 18:24, 16 February 2021
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We've really come to expect and rely on Firaxis' silly reenactments to brighten our day, and Civ VI's February 2021 update is likely to remind seasoned veterans of Civ 2's military advisor.

Remember that guy? Granted, the similarities between him and the Barbarian dev are not so much physical as they are theatrical but we enjoyed the unintended throwback nevertheless. 

So, Civilization VI's free February 2021 update brings a Barbarian Clans games mode, leader selection pool and a bunch of balance changes and AI tweaks once the update launches later this month. 

Barbarian Clans game mode will launch for everyone, from base game owners who picked it up via Epic Games Store to Civ VI DLC completionists. As you'd expect, it's a complete reimagining of Barbarians gameplay and it was directly inspired by Civilization VI fans' suggestions. 

Civ VI's shiny new Barbarians offer a choice between six clans, and Firaxis made them easy to find thanks to their affinity for specific terrain features. The mode allows clans to convert into City States and grants new ways to interact with them. 

Players can either disperse a Clan to remove it off the map, or choose to raid them for smaller but potentially recurring paydays. 

Firaxis also listened to Civ VI player's wishes for leader selection pools that would mimic the pickers for Natural Wonders and City States, which have proven to be quite convenient.

Civilization VI's February update will also add a bunch of balance changes, which include rebalancing of some natural wonders like the Cliffs of Dover. Last but not least are the AI tweaks that will make your enemies far more comfortable with defending and attacking in the air, which should be great news for those who found the AI late game lacking. 

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - all the new leaders

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