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Civ VI getting City State picker and balance changes in December update

Published: 19:26, 07 December 2020
Russian cities under Mongol control
Civilization VI - Mongol territory

Firaxis have announced the features of Civilization VI's free December update, which includes the City State picker, and a bunch of balancing changes.

Civilization VI's November update has been a massive one, what with it adding the Babylon Pack and Heroes and Legends mode, so December's update may not sound as grand. 

First up is the City State Picker, which will let players tailor their in-game experience a bit better and potentially even control some of the game's difficulty. 

You can choose which City States to include, so it might not be wise to make your future vassals be proficient in those things where your royal highness sucks. 

December's update also brings a number of balancing changes for all the Civilization VI content that launched in 2020. Firaxis specifically mentioned updates to the leylines and secret societies, as well as preventing Byzantium from receiving free cavalry from preexisting buildings in captured cities.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is getting an expansion-specific balance pass, starting with the changes to the number of great people points granted by different policies. Also tweaked were the various population requirements and adjacency bonuses. 

The team dropped the tech requirements for seven techs and civics, including Professional Sports, Capitalism, Industrialization, Refining, Electricity, Advanced Flight and Advanced Ballistics. 

Additionally, there is a host of smaller changes, like melee units getting smaller bonuses when beating anti-cavalry units. 

Great people are getting a fair chunk of changes in Civ VI's upcoming update. Da Vinci's culture bonus to Workshops has been increased. In an attempt to better differentiate between Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, the latter's bonus will apply to research webs, while the former will stick to universities. 

Oh, and you can also tell an AI to stop pestering you, although it works only for the verbal domain. We recommend not doing this to leaders with a bigger military. Just sayin'. 

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm preview game play

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

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