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New World will get options for players who don't like oversized greatswords

Published: 00:26, 25 October 2022
Updated: 00:27, 25 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - An oversized greatsword and a normally proportioned one
New World - An oversized greatsword and a normally proportioned one

Greatswords proved to be popular among the New World players but some artistic choices didn't live up to the standard. However, AGS stated they will try to make everyone happy.

Attempting to make choices that would make hundreds of thousands of players happy sounds like an impossible task at first but Amazon Game Studios are definitely trying their best, as was shown once again with the different tastes for greatswords.

This weapon arrived with the release of the Brimstone Sands update but its size was a point of contention between those who wanted anime-like aesthetics and those who wanted the weapon to reflect real-life options like the zweihander or claymore.

Anime fans won the initial choice by AGS but the other part of the New World players also hoped they would see something closer to their tastes and the devs listened.

In one of the countless topics about the greatsword size, Delakron responded by stating the team wanted the weapon to be "larger-than-life" so it would fit in the same category as the War Hammer.

Amazon Game Studios New World - A look at the Ennead Greatsword size in New World would be hell on one's knees in real life

On the other hand, the devs are looking to add skin options over time that would hopefully appease the rest of the player base.

Interestingly enough, smaller greatswords actually exist in New World already but all the models the players can equip are ridiculously oversized. You can see an example on the enemy facing the player on the header image.


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