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New World Legacy of Crassus event start date, time and rewards

Published: 17:00, 15 February 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Legacy of Crassus event
New World - Legacy of Crassus event

New World is getting a pretty exciting event in less than a week and here are all the details you might want to know.

Amazon Game Studios sprung a new event on New World players, one that is not themed after the four seasons or any holidays but the in-game lore itself.

General Crassus met an unceremonious end at the hands of the adventurers in The Ennead as we rolled over him countless times to get the sweet loot from the expedition.

Now, his forces will harass Aeternum Crassus' Legacy event which will run from February 21 to March 7, 2023.

Lucanus and Decimus are cyclopses that will invade Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove as World Bosses so keep an eye out for those portals.

Defeating them will yield a daily reward which will guarantee a Legendary drop from the pool that includes:

  • Wrath of Decimus - Great Axe 
  • Hoplites Great Blade - Great Sword
  • Cuirass of Decimus - Heavy Chest Armor
  • Fists of Decimus - Heavy Gauntlets
  • Sagittar of Lucanus - Bow
  • Vesuvius - Fire Staff
  • Galea of Lucanus - Medium Helm
  • Hobnailed Boots of Lucanus - Medium Boots

Amazon Game Studios New World - Player with a skin and Crasus with his fancy armour No, not this Crassus

Completing the daily elimination eight times will guarantee you get at least one copy of each.

Additionally, the daily bonus rewards will include:

  • One to three Obsidian Gypsum
  • 500 Umbral Shards
  • A craft mod that can add "powerful effects"

Besides the daily rewards that are the highlight, players can acquire:

  • Random weapon or armour piece at their level (90 per cent chance)
  • Named item from Brimstone Sands or greater Aeternum (10 per cent chance)
  • Level-appropriate consumables


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