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AGS sparks controversy by removing 28 chests in New World

Published: 03:51, 09 February 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Vast Brimstone Sands
New World - Vast Brimstone Sands

Taking loot sources away from people in MMOs is seldom a wise thing but Amazon Game Studios went for it anyway.

New World players are currently in an uproar over the removal of 28 chests in the latest update.

The change has nothing to do with some of the issues that most players are complaining about which painted a picture of tone-deaf decisions on the side of Amazon Game Studios , fanning the flames further.

Unfortunately, the explanations from the devs didn't do much to help defuse the situation.

According to AGS, this was done to "bring those solo chest runs gold-per-hour more in line with other routes and activities".

On the other hand, the players suspect the real reason here is that the route yielded a lot of house trophy materials, which are usually very valuable but are currently fairly cheap on the trading post due to an influx of farmers.

Amazon Game Studios New World - It can get chaotic for melee players Groups, groups and more groups

That is not the main catalyst for the backlash though. The main problem seems to be that this was one of the few avenues where solo players could reliably farm money and it is now another one in the line of nerfs that this group faced.

It remains to be seen whether AGS will reverse course or if people will have to go for more group content. Let's just hope people don't start looking for 625+ GS and gear linking for chest runs now.


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