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New World is adding progression boosters

Published: 16:00, 22 February 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Zander
New World - Zander

Progression boosters have been a dread in the New World players' minds for a long while and now the game has a release window for them.

Back when Amazon Game Studios initially nerfed progression and made crafting a nightmare to level, many players suspected this was a prelude to the introduction of progression boosters.

The bad reputation New World suffered at the time was probably the only reason these consumables were kept at bay but they are now coming on March 28, 2023, when the season passes kick in.

It is no coincidence as the season pass will award progression boosters, named Boost Tokens, but they will be purchasable through direct microtransactions as well.

Not all details about the boosters are available at this time but one example AGS showed was a Boost Token that increases gathering yield by 10 per cent for 90 minutes.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Season pass New World - Season pass will award some of these boosters

Compared to the Powerful Proficiency Booster that can be crafted in-game, it lasts longer but doesn't provide as much benefit as the crafted booster provides 15 per cent more resources, albeit for 30 minutes only.

The way it looks now, Boost Tokens don't look like much of an annoyance but keep in mind that games that sell such boosters can often balance resource gathering and progression around them, which leaves players who don't use them at a disadvantage.


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