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New World: Are Manticore and Metasha bugged? No but they are disabled

Published: 14:23, 19 October 2022
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Farming Manticore and Metasha
New World - Farming Manticore and Metasha

Excessive farming has led to a pause in quest progression for New World players, although many are not aware of it.

Farming the Acropolis in Brimstone Sands has proven to be rather interesting for New World players. Too interesting, according to Amazon Game Studios ' decision-making.

Namely, the players opted to farm the quickly-respawning bosses in the area, The Manticore scorpion and Herdmaster Metasha.

Both of them are quest-related, which led even more adventurers to visit the area and join the onslaught so the farming spot grew extremely popular.

The devs opted to disable experience and drops for both bosses to curb the farming but this had another consequence that ruined it for those who just wanted to complete their quest.

Neither boss would provide quest progress anymore, resulting in a large group of players stuck at that particular step. Initially, the players thought they just couldn't have enough damage contribution for it to count, which resulted in a rather wholesome resolution, on some servers at least.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Queue formed up for the bosses on Nysa server New World - Queue formed up for the bosses on Nysa server

In order to provide everyone the opportunity to deal enough damage and get the progress, people organised themselves in parties of five and then formed a queue in which they would wait for their turn to take the infamous duo down. 

Unfortunately, this did not help as the progression issue stems from AGS' involvement and not the damage participation mechanic. At the time of writing, the quests got disabled but we have no doubt countless players lost hours on trying to get their kill credit beforehand.

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