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New Hitman 2 update takes players to a tropical island

Published: 09:19, 13 December 2018
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Hitman 2

Hitman 2 is set to receive another December update which will bring new Escalation contract The Aelwin Augment. Set on a mysterious island it will focus on how players can adapt their skills to different situations thrown at Agent 47.

Agent 47 is off to the sunny island of Sgail in the latest Escalation contract dubbed The Aelwin Augment. The new contract is dropping on 13 December 2018 and it's been shown in the latest How to Hitman video series. The biggest focus is set on various outfits, adaptation and new blending in mechanic. 

Players will now be able to hide in huge groups of people which will make them invisible to nearby enemies. As soon as they blend into the crowd a thin white circle will appear around Agent 47 signaling the hidden status.

For those who don't like crowded places, Isle of Sgail is rich with large vegetation which can be used to your advantage. The latest How to Hitman episode also shows some creative ways to kill your targets and one of them includes Agent 47 disguised as a barber.

Additionally, Hitman 2 is set to receive three more updates before the end of the year. After The Aelwin Augment, Io interactive have some time-limited holiday event which is scheduled for 18 December 2018.

The holiday update will be followed by The Revolutionary, which will include a new elusive target available in Santa Fortuna for 10 days. Those who complete the mission will unlock the Casual Tourist outfit with gloves suit.

Warner Bros IO Interactive's December 2018 roadmap for Hitman 2 Hitman 2, roadmap for December 2018

Io interactive will wrap up 2018 with The Turms Infatuation which is another Escalation contract set in Santa Fortuna. More details about the new contracts and targets will be available as we get closer to the release dates.

The developer already released one update in December dubbed Occupational Hazards which added first of five contracts to Hitman 2. 

You can watch the breakdown of The Aelwin Augment on WarnerBros. official YouTube and for a detailed look at Hitman 2 December 2018 roadmap visit Io Interactive's . For more info about the Elusive Targets, rewards visit IO Interactive's .

Hitman 2, stealth shooter by IO Interactive and Warner Bros

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