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Sean Bean will be the first elusive target in Hitman 2

Published: 21:56, 17 October 2018
Updated: 22:02, 17 October 2018
Warner Bros
Agent 47 from Hitman 2 walking down a red carpet
Hitman 2

IO Interactive have announced the first elusive target for Hitman 2 that will be played by Sean Bean. Due to Bean's previous appearances in TV shows and movies, it is both sad and ridiculously funny he will be a target for Agent 47.

Sean Bean is notorious for dying in many of his roles, which makes the elusive target mission's name rather ironic. The mission is called "The Undying" and Agent 47 will be dispatched to kill the man who was previously killed by James Bond, cows, orcs, a gun-fu cleric, everyone's beloved king Joffrey and many others.

One would think such a target would be easy to take down, but the shows why the mission is called The Undying, as Bean's character, Mark Faba, explains that he has survived many assassination attempts that The Agency made on him. On top of everything, he seems to kill a hitman that is posing as a shrink, and actively taunts Agent 47 to come after him.

Considering that 47 normally had many ways of dealing with his targets, it is safe to assume that players will be able to punch Faba's ticket in many, colourful ways. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see if the developers dropped an Easter egg or two, by paying homage to some of Sean Bean takedowns from the big screen.

Players will get their chance to hop on the long list of Sean Bean killers on 13 November 2018 when the elusive target will go live, or might wind up dead. Until then, players will be able to vote on a selection of weapons that Faba mentions in the trailer.

Warner Bros Bald man in black clothes from Warner Bros' game Hitman 2 Hitman 2

The winning weapon will be unlocked, so make sure to cast your vote on whether you would like to see garrote headphones, flashbang robot or an explosive pen in Hitman 2. You can vote , and when the game launches on 13 November 2018 along with Mark Faba, you may have a chance to kill Sean Bean in creative ways, not seen on screen before. Can't seem to recall him dying to an explosive pen anywhere.

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