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IO Interactive roll out Hitman 2's roadmap for December 2018

Published: 16:10, 04 December 2018
Warner Bros
Agent 47, Hitman 2's protagonist following a person
Hitman 2, Agent 47 looking sharp

IO Interactive have unveiled the December roadmap for their stealth shooter Hitman 2 and fans are looking at a month worth of new challenges and rewards, which includes a time-limited surprise event that's scheduled for 18 December 2018.

There's plenty of time left before IO Interactive spring their surprise even though, starting with Occupational Hazards, Hitman 2's new themed choice of featured contracts. The company claims to have picked the best five community-made contracts, which will be added to the game on 06 December for all players to enjoy.

December 13 brings The Aelwin Augment, Hitman 2's second escalation contract, with the company reminding that the first one has been released in Santa Fortuna. Escalations are meant to push players further than usual and "are not necessarily about immersion, but definitely give you a gameplay challenge".

Hitman 2's time-limited surprise event is scheduled for 18 December, although we're not sure exactly how time-limited exactly, or whether it will spill over into the next scheduled date.

Either way, the next date is 21 December, when the game is getting The Revolutionary, a new elusive target. According to the roadmap, the elusive target is set to arrive in Santa Fortuna, where it will be available for 10 days. Also, "you’ll be able to unlock the Casual Tourist with gloves suit if you manage to complete it".

IO Interactive reminded Hitman 2 fans that they're running a blog that lists and regularly updates elusive targets and rewards, which can be found . They also said they'll be revealing more info on The Revolutionary there at a later date.

Last but not least is The Turms Infatuation, another escalation that's set to take place in Santa Fortuna on 27 December. Note that IO Interactive erroneously wrote 29 December earlier, for which they apologised to players.

Warner Bros IO Interactive's December 2018 roadmap for Hitman 2 Hitman 2, roadmap for December 2018

IO Interactive will also be rolling out a Hitman 2 update in December but they will go into more detail on that at a later date.

You can find the official Hitman 2 December roadmap post .


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