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New Ghost Recon game reportedly targeting 2025 release date

Published: 10:04, 17 January 2023
Ghost Recon series could return in 2025, according to the latest rumours
Ghost Recon series could return in 2025, according to the latest rumours

The next Ghost Recon game is currently in development at Ubisoft but it won't be coming anytime soon if the rumours are true. 

Ghost Recon fans have not been happy with how Ubisoft treated this third-person shooter series over the last couple of years. It all started with the underwhelming Ghost Recon Breakpoint , which didn't really feel like the true, grounded and realistic military shooter that the fans wanted. 

Then, we had the news about Ghost Recon Frontline , a battle-royale/extraction shooter, which was cancelled months after the official reveal due to player backlash, so it's safe to say that it's been a rough period for this franchise. 

There are no official announcements regarding the future of Ghost Recon but it does look like Ubisoft are hard at work on the next instalment, which won't be coming anytime soon. According to reliable insider Tom Henderson, the next Ghost Recon game could be forecasted to launch in 2025.

That would certainly make sense if Ubisoft's Ghost Recon team is building the new game from the ground up, which usually takes five to six years of development. With Ghost Recon Breakpoint released in 2019 and all the time wasted on Ghost Recon Frontline, 2025 is probably a realistic date for a totally different Ghost Recon experience. 

Previous rumours stated that Ubisoft Paris are working on a new Ghost Recon game codenamed Over , which could be released in 2023/24. 

Ubisoft ghost recon wildlands Players mostly liked Ghost Recon Wildlands due to its realistic setting and gameplay

Regardless of when the next Ghost Recon comes out, we're just hoping it's a good tactical shooter akin to older Ghost Recon games, perhaps like Future Soldier or Advanced Warfighter 2.

Keep in mind that the info regarding the next Ghost Recon game coming in 2025 is just a rumour at this point so take everything with a grain of salt. Hopefully, Ubisoft will provide more details later this year at their Ubisoft Forward event.


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