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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive getting review-bombed on Steam

Published: 22:18, 08 December 2018
Updated: 22:25, 08 December 2018
Terrorists are protesting against something on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's dust map.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rules

The decision to make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive free to play doesn't seem to be sitting well with the game's existing playerbase, who have been review-bombing the game's Steam page with more than 22,000 negative reviews since.

The brunt of the bombing went down on 07 December, the day when  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive officially became a trend-chasing . More than 14,000 users left negative reviews on the day, which definitely qualifies for a milestone in the vein of 'worst negative review day ever' or something.

Granted, the sudden influx of fresh forces in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brought with it a bunch of glaring reviews too. The population is more than fine and at the time of writing, it's being played by 686,668 players, while its daily peak stands at 749,645.

From what we've gathered, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's review bombers belong to three arbitrarily overlapping schools of thought. The first ones are those who bought it more recently, only for Valve to pull the free to play switcheroo, leaving them feeling a bit cheated. Quite understandably so, if we may add.

The second group are Counter-Strike's seasoned veterans, seasoned in fighting and spending alike. Things they paid a bunch of money for over the years are now being made free, and that's just the start to the economy changes.

The change also meant upgrading all existing players to Prime Status, again messing with paying customers to accommodate free-to-players. Danger Zone's barely being mentioned, such is its Artifact-sigh-factor, but those who do either speak of terrible performance or Fortniteisation of their favourite game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's last disgruntled group are those who claim that the game's unplayable since the update, the reason for which ranges from cheaters to lag and/or clueless players. To be fair though, we've got first-hand reports that Valve's server hamster is struggling a bit, but that's to be expected with the sudden surge of players.

The general consensus is that the influx of free to play crowds will inevitably compound Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's already serious cheater issues. According to the doomsday predictions from Steam's review section, what fanbase isn't driven away by lousy performance will eventually leave over microtransactions. "You will bankrupt and your company will die", says my personal favourite.

Valve Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We expect that Valve will eventually fix Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's server issues but the game's playerbase has to be their priority at the moment. It almost looks as if Gabe and Co didn't think this through but thankfully, there's still ample time to make the right call. Wild thought, off the top of our head - announcing Half-Life 3 is one of them. Gabe pls.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive goes f2p, gets Danger Zone

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