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Valve update FBI CT units for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Published: 22:11, 04 October 2018
Picture of the new FBI models in CS:GO

Valve have released new models for Counter Terrorist units in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, that will presumably make them more visible. The FBI unit will naturally appear on a limited number of maps, now including Nuke on the roster.

Valve seem to be set on expanding CS:GO's potential but also refreshing the way it looks so far. The latter became more evident when the developers pumped in a full rework of FBI models, complete with textures and new hands. On top of it, the new FBI squad will now also be deployed on Nuke instead of Navy SEALs and they will retain their previous appearances on Office, Militia, Assault and Agency.

The old FBI outfits look a bit too much like Navy SEAL ones apparently, and the new ones will help the Bureau boys distinguish themselves visually. That may not be a good thing though, as they will also be more visible with the more vibrant colours of their new uniforms.

Up to this visual rework, Counter Strike series barely ever featured CT units without a balaclava, with some of the rare occasions being various outfits from Condition Zero. Other than that, it seems like the new outfits have high quality models and textures that should bring CS:GO one step closer to the newer FPS games, graphics wise. Keep in Mind that CS:GO is a six year old game though.

New outfits are not the only thing Valve are doing to refresh CS:GO, as the fan favourite MP5 also made a comeback recently. It came in the silenced, MP5SD, version though and it was available only in casual modes up until 04 October 2018, when Valve gave it a green light to enter competitive modes.

Valve Picture of MP5SD that is about to be released in CS:GO Counter Strike Global Offensive

Yes, that also means MP5SD is officially on the roster now and the gun is here to stay. It remains to be seen whether it will undergo further balance changes though, as feedback so far has been varying with some players reporting it to be an overpowered weapon, while others felt its performance was underwhelming.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Panorama UI overhaul

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Counter Strike: Global Offensive new menu
Valve releases a beta update which brings a fresh look to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The new Panorama UI overhaul aims to be more minimalistic and user-friendly. The overhaul is still in beta which restricts users from playing online

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