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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a Portal Easter egg

Published: 14:12, 10 December 2018
Atlas and P-body flexing in Portal 2
Portal 2 - Atlas and P-body

Players who gave Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's new battle royale mode a try have come across a strange broadcast message that got many players expecting a new Portal announcement, although Valve insist that it's just a bit of fun.

CS: GO players stumbled across the broadcast in Black Site, which is located on the east part of Danger Zone's map. The place has four numbered rooms, third of which is boarded up but can be accessed via room number two.

Suspecting sneaky play afoot, players took to decoding and, as it often happens, Reddit came to the rescue. Using NATO's phonetic alphabet and with some help in untangling data communications grade encryption, user GetSomeGyros posted his progress as "PGPW 50" and "SMS7 57".

After some digging, he realised Valve have been referring to 50 PGP words or 57 characters in a 7-bit GSM SMS message. Needless to say, once guesswork has been taken out of the equation, the solution was cracked quicker than .

Using a 7-bit SMS hex tool, GetSomeGyros decoded, "This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS", which is how Portal's credit screen song Still Alive starts. Many users assumed that Valve are trying to tell them something, with a new Portal instalment as the obvious suspect. 

Valve, however, claim they had no such intentions, taking to Twitter to confirm that it's just an Easter egg. "Congrats to all who have found our Portal Easter egg on dz_blacksite! We’re just having a bit of fun and the Easter egg is not a product announcement. Enjoy Danger Zone", they wrote.

Even in spite of Gabe's triplet intolerance, Valve's moves have been wrongly interpreted and hyped for much less, which just goes to show how anxious everyone is to see the company release a proper, non-TCG game. You know which one, we don't even have to say it.

Valve Screenshot of GlaDOS' new body from Portal 2 Portal 2 - GlaDOS

That being said, we're not really sure Valve will be as enthusiastic to get back into development now that the is breathing down Steam's neck. A man can hope, though.

You can find the Reddit post in question , while Valve's Twitter announcement is over .

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