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Minecraft: Story Mode adds new languages and a new episode

Published: 17:05, 19 September 2017
Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

Jailhouse Block - Minecraft: Story Mode - season two episode three is available now. The story continues in The Sunshine Institute. Full German, Spanish, and French voice acting is now available.

Telltale and Mojang's series got three kind of major additions today. First on the list of is, ironically, the third episode of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two. Episode three is named "Jailhouse Block" and it's available for download everywhere. No, seriously: it's on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android based devices, as well as Telltale's own online store.

After defeating Admin and his icy obstacles Jesse and company are sent to The Sunshine Institute. That place only sounds nice and cosy. But, if you ask the press release, it's a "nigh inescapable prison buried at the bottom of the world and filled with all manner of miscreants". Let's block, everybody, let's block.

Telltale Games Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story Mode

Second: the series' Season Pass Disc is coming to European territories. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions hit the shelves in Europe on 22 September, while the Xbox 360 disc will become available on 27 September. The disc contains episode one, "Hero in Residence" and grants digital access to each of the remaining four episodes as they become available.

Third: full German, Spanish, and French voice acting in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two is available today in episode one. Episodes Two and Three will receive the new languages later this week. The languages will be available on all platforms with the exception of Xbox 360 and PC/Mac, which will receive language patches at a later date.

Telltale Games Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story Mode

Going forward, these languages will be available at the same time a new episode drops. In order to download and enable a new language, you need to navigate to "Languages" in the Settings menu and select from the options listed there.

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