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Episode two of Minecraft: Story Mode is now out in the wild

Published: 17:57, 15 August 2017
Updated: 20:54, 05 August 2018
Minecraft: Story Mode episode two

Episode two of Minecraft: Story Mode's second season is now available for download on all platforms. There will be five episodes in total for this latest batch of content and it includes Telltale Games' Crowd Play muliplayer feature.

As I told you , Minecraft: Story Mode season two episode two is out now. Giant Consequences is now available all over the place: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices. It is also downloadable through Telltale's own online store.

After Jesse and the gang survived the Sea Temple, they brought back a "little more than they bargained for". The unwanted package consist of: "a lost adventurer, a powerful device, and a colossal enemy capable of grinding Beacontown to dust". As always, "there may be more to this fearsome foe than meets the eye, but to find out, Jesse - together with a few trusty friends - must embark on another adventure, this time into the icy unknown".

Telltale Minecraft: Story Mode episode two Minecraft: Story Mode episode two

Minecraft: Story Mode - season two continues Jesse's saga in a "five-part, narrative-driven, episodic game series developed by Telltale in collaboration with Minecraft developer Mojang and members of the Minecraft community". Players' choices from the first season will optionally carry over into season two.

The second season also includes Telltale's multiplayer 'Crowd Play' feature, which "allows friends and family to engage with the adventure together by helping to decide the direction of the story from any mobile device with an online connection".

Telltale Minecraft: Story Mode episode two Minecraft: Story Mode episode two

Season two for PC is right through , episode two for PlayStation 4 can be found , and the Xbox One version is waiting just behind  . Find Telltale's own online store right .

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