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Minecraft snapshot 17W13A

Published: 14:55, 30 March 2017

Mojang released their latest Minecraft snapshot - the snapshot 17W13A. The changes it brings include some feathery friends and a new robot butler.

Minecraft snapshot 17W13A is the second 1.12 snapshot. The first 1.12 snapshot brought with it the option to save and load the toolbars in Creative Mode and some colourful new blocks. 

Coloured concrete blocks, concrete powder which turns into a concrete block when it interacts with water, and coloured Glazed Terracotta blocks were the ones included in the last snapshot.

Mojang Minecraft Minecraft

This one brings with it "some cool new stuff that we hope you'll find interesting!". The "we" being Mojang.

The 17W13A brings the following changes:

  • Found a new feathery friend
  • Advanced the game
  • Brought some new knowledge
  • Hired a new robot butler (ctrl+b)
  • Fixed some bugs!
  • Added some new ones!


Found a new feathery friend - this one may have been spoiled with the head image, but it's birds. Feathery friends are birds. Joining Moas are some colourful (I see they are continuing with the "colours" theme) parrots. Perfect for playing pirate.

Hired a new robot butler - if you tire of your days of looting and pillaging as a pirate and want a full departure from your life on the other side of the law, you can go full top one percent and hire a robot butler with ctrl+b. And yes, I am aware of the fact I made the entire pirate story up. 

The article also says they fixed some bugs with this latest snapshot, and added some new ones along the way. Well at least they're being honest about it. Either that or they actually added more bugs as in bees and ladybugs.

As per usual, if you encounter any system bugs, make sure you report them .

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