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Jax visual rework is coming to League of Legends pretty soon

Published: 11:48, 29 April 2023
Riot Games
Splash art for Jax from League of Legends. His outfit is violet and his weapon is a lamp post.
League of Legends - Jax won't be as annoying anymore, with the Divine Sunderer nerfs, hopefully

League of Legends is preparing a pretty awesome rework for one of the few champions that didn't have their looks updated in over a decade.

Jax is a champion that was released in League of Legends 14 years ago, all the way back in 2009 and he still hasn't received a visual update that would bring him more in line with the rest of them.

Some alterations to his model and textures were made in the past but nothing was on the scale of a proper rework that many other champions received.

Riot Games decided to put his bad streak to an end in 2023 as they announced Jax will get a visual update at some point during the year.

Considering the announcement came at the end of April, it means the champion will get the new look within eight months of letting the public know about the team's plans for him so the wait will not be all that long.

That said, time's passing is relative and the weight of the anticipation will probably make it seem like an eternity for some of the fans.

Riot Games League of Legends - Jax's visual rework League of Legends - Jax's visual rework

The weapon he wields may actually look like a weapon in the concepts you see above but Riot Games noted it really isn't one and it's actually a memento from Icathia, the city nation that was consumed by the Void after a desperate move to stand against Shurima.

While the news of Jax's looks getting upgraded is great, it comes at the same time as the announcement that Skarner's rework is going to run late as his new release date is at some point in early 2024.


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