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Microsoft working on another major acquisition which includes AAA exclusive and a big studio

Published: 14:21, 01 February 2021
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Latest rumours has it Microsoft are in the mids of actuating a big studio or publisher who plan to release a major AAA title in 2021, which could be a timed-exclusive for Xbox Series X.

Microsoft have already confirmed they are always on the lookout for more acquisitions and Xbox Head Phil Spencer even revealed that the team has some major surprises to announce in the upcoming months. Rumours about new publishers joining Xbox Game Studios have been floating around the social media and gaming forums for quite a while now, with some sources suggesting that the company could announce a new acquisition this year.

Today, a well-know YouTuber ACG has revealed that Microsoft are in the midst of acquiring a studio that is set to release a major AAA game in 2021. This game could end up being a timed-exclusive for Xbox Series X, if the deal goes through.

Here's the interesting bit regarding the Microsoft acquisition and a potential exclusive game. 

"The reason why [the game] is exclusive is because Microsoft is in the midst of buying them and then it will be in their stable," ACG said. "I absolutely will not [divulge] any details. I have friends who work there."

In case you want to check out the full conversation, the video of the Defining Duke podcast is just below. 

As always with rumours, take this with a grain of salt, until we get an official confirmation. ACG is not really known as an industry insider, at least not until now. Of course, it's entirely possible that his info is indeed correct and it would not surprise us if Microsoft have something big up in their sleeve.

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