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Microsoft announce Developer Direct for Redfall, Forza Motorsport and other upcoming titles

Published: 15:07, 11 January 2023
Xbox Developer Direct will go live on January 25
Xbox Developer Direct will go live on January 25

Following the leaks and rumours that already revealed the Xbox January event, Microsoft have officially announced the Xbox Developer Direct for January 25, where they plan to talk more about Redfall and Forza Motorsport among other things. 

Microsoft are hosting an Xbox Developer Direct event on January 25, 2023, it's been officially announced today after many leaks and rumours regarding the showcase surfaced over the last couple of weeks. 

Developer Direct is a new format from Xbox , where developers will reveal new footage from their upcoming games and also talk about game mechanics, release dates and more. 

The first Xbox Developer Direct will be focused on Xbox's hotly anticipated titles Redfall , Forza Motorsport and Minecraft Legends, which are scheduled to launch in early 2023. 

Xbox Developer Direct announcement

"Presented by the game creators themselves from studios including Arkane Austin, Mojang Studios, Turn 10 Studios, and ZeniMax Online Studios, the Developer_Direct will focus on big features, extended gameplay showcases, and the latest info for Xbox games launching in the next few months, including The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and Redfall."

Sadly, Xbox's biggest exclusive of 2023, Bethesda Game Studios' Starfield, won't be at this Developer Direct. Microsoft plan to showcase the game later this year on a separate show , focusing only on this highly anticipated sci-fi RPG.

Xbox Forza Motorsport screenshot showing cars racing Forza Motorsport reboot is one of the biggest Xbox releases this year

That's probably going to disappoint many Starfield fans out there who expected to see more of it this month but it certainly makes sense to give the game its own show, due to the sheer scale of this release. 

There's simply too much to talk about Starfield at this point and we all know Todd Howard loves to spend a lot of time talking about his games in his leather jacket. 

Steam We know very little about the upcoming Xbox exclusive Redfall Redfall will be at Xbox Developer Direct show

Xbox Developer Direct date and how to watch

Xbox fans can tune in on Xbox channels ( Twitch , YouTube ) and Bethesda channels ( Twitch , YouTube ) at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 9 PM CET, January 25 to see all the latest on:


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