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Phil Spencer reveals his most played game of 2022

Published: 08:28, 23 December 2022
Screengrab/Xbox Youtube
Phil Spencer has spent a lot of time playing video games in 2022
Phil Spencer has spent a lot of time playing video games in 2022

Microsoft Gaming boss Phil Spencer has spent nearly 200 hours playing Game Pass hit Vampire Survivors, in just two weeks since the game launched.

When he's not managing the Xbox Game Studios and answering regulators' questions about the ongoing Activision Blizzard acquisition, Microsoft Gaming boss Phil Spencer loves playing games.

Spencer often shares screenshots and comments on the games he's playing and one of these is the recent hit Vampire Survivors, which is available on Xbox Game Pass . Vampire Survivors seems to be Spencer's favourite game of the year as he already spent almost 200 hours slaying vampires since the game launched two weeks ago. That's quite the grind.

"Thanks to everyone who joined me in playing in 2022, lots of great co-op sessions throughout the year. And yea, I do like [Vampire Survivors], need to get those final achievements done," Spencer tweeted along with his yearly gaming stats on Xbox.

Additionally, Spencer earned 480 achievements, played 53 games and spent a total of 641 hours playing games in 2022. The man is a bigger gamer than most of us. 

While Xbox is certainly the platform where Spencer spends most of his gaming time, sometimes, he switches to his PlayStation to play some Sony games, like the critically acclaimed God of War: Ragnarok, which Spencer said he couldn't wait to play and even congratulated Cory Barlog and Santa Monica Studio on their achievement. 

Screengrab/XboxYoutube Phil Spencer microsoft gaming boss Phil Spencer loves playing game, especially if they're about slaying vampires

It's certainly great to see the CEOs of these large gaming corporations actually care about video games. Phil Spencer is definitely one of the few heads that regularly tweet about the games he's enjoying and we think others should take a few notes from him from time to time.


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