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Machine Games are doing an incredible job with Indiana Jones; game will be a love letter to fans

Published: 16:11, 30 November 2022
Updated: 16:12, 30 November 2022
Indiana Jones will be a mash-up of genres, says Howard
Indiana Jones will be a mash-up of genres, says Howard

Bethesda boss Todd Howard is very excited for Machine Games' Indiana Jones, which he describes as a love letter to those who love this series. 

Todd Howard says Wolfenstein developer Machine Games are a perfect fit for the upcoming Indiana Jones game and are doing an incredible job with the game. Bethesda boss states that Machine Games' storytelling is what made them the ideal candidate for this highly anticipated title.

Howard revealed that the game will be unique and a mash-up of various genres. "It isn't one thing, It does a lot of things that myself and the folks at Machine Games wanted to do in a game so it's a unique thing," Howard said in an interview with Lex Fridman .

Interestingly, Howard pitched Indiana Jones to Lucas years ago but the game was never done since Bethesda didn't have the team to do it at that time. Luckily, the team at LucasGames loved his idea for Indiana Jones when Howard pitched the game again a couple of years ago. 

Indiana Jones is currently in development at Bethesda and there is no official release date announced just yeat. We haven't even seen a proper trailer yet and don't know how exactly the game plays, which suggests it will be a while before Indiana Jones releases.

Also, Bethesda did not confirm the release platforms for this one but we assume it's going to be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem which includes PC, Xbox Series X|S consoles and the cloud. 

Bethesda Indiana Jones by Machine Games Indiana Jones does not have a release date just yet

All in all, we're pretty excited to finally see the Indiana Jones game from Machine Games, as the developer made some of our favourite games in the Wolfenstein series. Hopefully, a new trailer is on the way next year. 


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