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Metal Gear Survive gets its co-op Rescue Missions in latest update

Published: 23:56, 14 March 2018
Metal Gear Survive Wanderer jumping on the Captain.
Metal Gear Survive

Konami have rolled out an update for Metal Gear Survive that brought us co-op missions focusing on rescuing Charon Corps members. This should provide fresh content for all of the fifteen remaining players in the game. And their cats.

Metal Gear Survive's latest co-op mission was teased in February, but now it's here. The Rescue mission will involve extracting Charon Corps survivors and wouldn't you know it, killing masses of zombies. Completing ''The Captive Ferrymen'' event will award players with crafting resources, Kuban Energy and recipes.

This event will also award players with Battle Points, and as you accumulate more of them, your rewards will increase accordingly. Konami provided patch notes that do not mention any new enemy types, so players will be mowing down what they are already accustomed to.

Konami One player carrying an NPC while the other one covers them from zombie attacks. Metal Gear Survive first official screenshot of the new Rescue Mission.

There have also been other minor additions such as a new plan for Base Camp Dig, more enhancement items for weapon and gear, bug fixes and balance changes. One more noteworthy update are additional controller customization features. This is actually one of the reasons why we called Konami out for releasing an unfinished game in our review.

Konami's support for Metal Gear Survive is continuing oddly enough, even though there are barely any players left. While there aren't just fifteen players left, the actual player count isn't that impressive, with and average of 2591 concurrent players in the past month. Considering this is a new release, it is safe to say these numbers are disastrous.

Konami Steam chart showing concurrent players for Metal Gear Survive in the past 30 days. Metal Gear Survive concurrent players on Steam.

Despite the game failing with sales and bearing the stigma of the worst Metal Gear game, it is not actually all that bad. While it's not a premium priced title, it may very well be worth picking up on sale. If that's too brief a suggestion, we also have a for interested survivalists, and a low-spoiler guide to .


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