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Metal Gear Survive gets Halloween crossovers for the few players

Published: 13:20, 23 October 2018
Screenshot from Metal Gear Survive showing the protagonist with his gas mask.
Metal Gear Survive - In case hunger and thirst don't give you enough headaches, you will also need to keep an eye on oxygen reserves.

Konami have announced that a Halloween event will pop up in Metal Gear Survive and will feature crossovers with Castlevania and Silent Hill. There is only a handful of players left in the game, so it's surprising they still support it.

Silent Hill crossover bears a bit more attention between the two, as this one will allow you to purchase Pyramid Head's, well, pyramid helmet. That way, your character will embody two franchises that Konami ran into the ground, since Silent Hills will now never get released and Metal Gear Survive peaks at 121 these days.

The other crossover will be between Metal Gear and Castlevania franchises, as you will be able to acquire two Castlevania cassette tapes as well, which will play music from the latter. The tracks include Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night music.

This threeway crossover starts on 23 October 2018 and will conclude on 06 November 2018, meaning the players have about two weeks to acquire these items. Then again, it makes one wonder how many will actually show up to grab the goodies due to the low player count. On that topic, it's also a wonder that Konami decided to support Metal Gear Survive after it's been having trouble to gather more than 200 players at the same time for almost half a year now.

It could be interpreted as Konami's attempt to avoid trouble by shutting down servers so soon after the game launched in March 2018, as it cannot be played offline. Therefore, Metal Gear Survive service could be denied at any given moment, considering the near-dead condition it's in. At least it fits with the Halloween theme.

Konami Metal Gear Survive's protagonist being sucked into a bluish wormhole. Metal Gear Survive - Literally the only word my character uttered all game long.

The official tweet announcing the crossover was not met with any enthusiasm either, as Konami's followers responded with a series of memes aimed at the poor condition of Metal Gear Survive, a game no one really asked for. It remains to be seen whether Fallout 76 will get similar treatment, since Bethesda are pretty much pulling the same move Konami did with Metal Gear Survive, minus the Kojima war.

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