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Konami's new earnings report glosses over Metal Gear Survive

Published: 10:43, 11 May 2018
Metal Gear Survive's protagonist being sucked into a bluish wormhole.
Metal Gear Survive - Literally the only word my character uttered all game long.

Konami have released their earnings for fiscal year that ended with 31 March 2018, noting Metal Gear Survive's release as a notable event during the year but the game's sales are missing for some reason. Probably because it sold fabulously.

Not showing exact sales numbers isn't that unusual for publishers, but considering Metal Gear Survive's troubling start and the hate it got from hardcore Metal Gear fans, this is bad news. There is no doubt Konami would jump at the opportunity to show great sales of the game if they happened, in order to try and win over any players who decided to hate it due to the entire fiasco with Kojima.

Winning Eleven 2018, or Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 as filthy gaijin came to know it is mentioned in the same paragraph as Metal Gear Survive. While the exact sales figures aren't mentioned there either, Konami did note that it "continued to enjoy stable performance".

Metal Gear Survive launched on 20 February 2018 and its sales performance was anything but stable. The game's all-time high concurrent player number is 5,511 managing to score , a game that is notorious for its low sales and failure that resulted in being dead on arrival. While not a positive one, it's still quite the achievement.

The game launch was also a failure on its own, since it entered UK sales chart as #6 in the release week. Games that were years old sold better at that point. These sales numbers are definitely something Konami wouldn't want to show in their report, so the best guess is that this is the reason has no info on Metal Gear Survive.

Another comparison can be drawn between LawBreakers and Metal Gear Survive in the fact that both games failed due to bad marketing. Neither game were bad per se, but Boss Key Productions went back on their promise of a free to play game, while Konami shot themselves in the foot by calling it a "Metal Gear". As we noted in our review, Metal Gear Survive is definitely , but it is a horrible Metal Gear.

Konami One player carrying an NPC while the other one covers them from zombie attacks. Metal Gear Survive first official screenshot of the new Rescue Mission.

Simply calling the game pretty much anything other than Metal Gear would have warranted less hate and more sales.

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