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Konami announces Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater themed event

Published: 20:02, 06 April 2018
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Metal Gear Survive - A stretch or a pull?

And the fans of Hideo Kojima laughed until they dropped. There's no other way to start this piece, seeing as how Metal Gear Survive is in such desperate need for traffic that they're turning to former glory to fuel their future failures.

Dubbed 'The Encounter 1964', the co-op event will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when it launches on 10 April 2018. It lasts until 24 April 2018, so we're talking about a two week long event here.

The event draws heavily from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a game that's actually worth something. Throughout the event, you'll be able to unlock plenty of items and gear, much of it instantly recognisable from Snake Eater.

Konami Announcement for Metal Gear Survive's special event Metal Gear Survive

As you can see, The Encounter 1964 brings back the Snake Eater's EVA jumpsuit, Crocodile Cap and Naked Snake's fatigues. Metal Gear Survive players will also be unlocking avatar face paints, namely Zombie, Oyama, Green, Black, Splitter and Woodland.

Konami lists Accessory Ocelot Unit Berets, with and without balaclava, and players can also unlock nameplates FOX, PATRIOT and Shagohod. Furthermore, Metal Gear Survivors will be able to unlock a Cassette Tame Takin' On The Shagohod.

All in all, it would normally seem like a cool event for Metal Gear Survive, had it not been for the entire No-Kojima-No-Fans maneuvre that many lovers of Metal Gear franchise seem to have taken. In fact, these same fans didn't waste any time suggesting that it will be an enjoyable event for all 5 players of Metal Gear Survive.

Expectations surrounding Metal Gear Survive have already been low but population seems to have turned out even lower than expected. With Konami now backpedalling so as to milk Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the latest instalment of the hit franchise is in big trouble.

Naturally, fans of the runaway Metal Gear messiah Hideo Kojima are already rejoicing with a ton of I-told-you-sos being flung around Konami's forums. Here's a wild idea - how about a Hideo Kojima themed event then?

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