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Metal Gear Survive devs mourn Kojima with hidden in-game message

Published: 12:51, 26 February 2018
A clipboard containing names of agents from Metal Gear Survive video game
Metal Gear Survive: KJP Forever

Konami may think they've got everything covered following Hideo Kojima's departure but now it seems like it's not only fans who yearn for his return - even some MSG devs seem to be calling for his return, in an in-game message no less.

Most players starting Metal Gear Survive's campaign didn't really bother to look when prompted to enter their names. Those who did, though, saw them added to a clipboard that already contains seemingly random agent names. Or are they?

If you read first letters of codename "surnames", starting with the fourth from the top, "Hungry Komododragon", you get "KJP FOREVER". Very subtle, right? Must be all swell in Konamiland. 

As if almost openly expressing allegiance to Kojima wasn't enough of a dig, the last two agents are called Bastard Yota and Cunning Yuji. Well, Metal Gear Survive's designers just happen to be Yota Tsutsumizaki and Yuyi Korekado.

Konami Screenshot from Metal Gear Survive showing the protagonist with his gas mask. Metal Gear Survive - In case hunger and thirst don't give you enough headaches, you will also need to keep an eye on oxygen reserves.

Of course, it didn't take a crystal ball to foresee Metal Gear series fanatics disputing the credibility of Metal Gear Survive as the word of god, seeing as how its gospels weren't penned by Kojima himself. Now, however, we're not sure what to think.

You may recall that Metal Gear Survive has been making headlines for some pretty wrong reasons, dispelling myths of Konami's benevolence in a single swoop of the charge-them-for-the-save-hammer. Still, the game appears to be doing fine, especially since even the most faithful 'Kojimists' seem to be playing it. Hey, how else are they going to prove it sucks? Konami will take their money either way.

To be fair though, we're not sure Kojima's presence would've made an iota of difference on the financial front. We're not entirely sold on his efforts elsewhere either, so it seems like the marriage of the two was the perfect balance. At least now he knows he's missed by everyone, eh?

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