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Contra Rogue Corps has many red flags

Published: 22:45, 16 September 2019
Contra Rogue Corps combat screenshot
Contra Rogue Corps combat screenshot

Contra Rogue Corps was just over a week from release at the time of writing and there are some signs that the launch will be a rocky one, to put it mildly. For example, there are lag and input issues and possibly co-op ones as well.

Contra Rogue Corps is headed for release on 24 September 2019 but it's possible this could be an unfinished product that Konami have just decided to push on shelves. This is not confirmed yet so it's still best to wait for reviews and figure out of the game is worth your time for yourselves but here are a few red flags that are putting us off.

First up, we have input lag. Nigel Woodall, who is testing input lag on various games, recently snuck a peek at Contra Rogue Corps' demo and the results were rather worrying. The input lag turned out to be almost 14 frames which translates to just under 233 milliseconds. 

If you ever tried playing a shooter with ping that high, chances are that you had a really bad time. In an era where even 100 milliseconds of latency is considered high, 233 is just ridiculous, especially because this was tested in singleplayer. 

Speaking of input, this is not where the issues stop. The PC version is available for pre-purchase on Steam for 39.99 regardless of whether you're paying in USD, Euro or GBP which is quite ambitious for a game that does not support keyboard and mouse input, at all.

If you check the out, you can see a huge warning just below the screenshots. This further hints at an unfinished product that was pushed out to shelves too early.

Konami Contra Rogue Corps - Is that panda shooting at baby faces? Contra Rogue Corps - Is that panda shooting at baby faces?

The third red flag is the possibility that co-op is not finished. Granted, was done on the demo version but to release even a demo without co-op in a franchise that has the feature as one of its most prominent pillars is just insane.

Keep in mind that the co-op part is just theory for the moment since Rogue Corps might still launch with co-op but not having it in the demo hints it's not complete or in a properly playable state.

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