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Metal Gear Survive charges players 1K SV coins for creating new character/save

Published: 15:00, 23 February 2018
Two large robot like vehicles firing cannons at objects outside of view
Konami: Metal Gear Survive

Don't buy into sensationalist headlines claiming Metal Gear Survive charges you for just saving a game - it's not like that, even though it's still despicable. At least we know why Konami priced the game as it did.

Even though faithful fans of Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear series claim to be staying away from Metal Gear Survive for the most part, it's obvious that they're on the lookout. However, we don't think this latest move by Konami will do anything to change their minds about the company's dealings as of late.

Namely, if you choose to create a new character, commonly referred to as 'creating a new save', you'll have to delete your existing character. If not, you'll have to kindly provide Konami 1,000 SV coins, which is about $10.

Konami A game character sneaking behind several zombies Konami: Metal Gear Survive character looking for $10 he lost earlier

Of course, we're aware that allowing infinite character creation may not be the preferred way forward for many companies. However, most games go with less invasive and most certainly less monetised methods, such as a fixed number of characters you can have before they start charging.

Konami has obviously had this planned for a while. In fact, remember back when it was announced, how everyone was stoked over Konami's perceived lack of greed when they announced that Metal Gear Survive will be much cheaper than the initially suggested $60 price point? Yeah, now it seems they were just trying to pacify the crowd that stared at Kojima's back as he was leaving.

Konami Zombies slipping of a cliff while player charracter watches. Metal Gear Survive - A subtle jab by Konami at fans asking for Kojima? Konami? Subtle? Probably not.

As if Metal Gear series didn't need more fan backlash, what with the series being ignored at best by the insurgents of the bring-back-our-messiah movement, now Konami seems to have pulled a move that would put Electronic Arts to shame.

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