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Overwatch 2 disables Mei due to a bug

Published: 00:39, 01 November 2022
Mei from Overwatch, a screenshot from her animated short, Rise and Shine
Overwatch - Mei

Blizzard continues with Overwatch 2 hiccups as Mei is the latest hero that got disabled while repairs are underway.

Not long after disabling Torbjorn and Bastion, Blizzard decided to disable Mei as well. Thankfully, the former two Overwatch 2 heroes came back before Mei took the sick leave so DPS is still the largest pool by far.

In any case, the icy scientist is going to be absent until November 15, 2022, when the balance patch with Zarya nerfs comes along.

The reason for disabling Mei had to do with a bug that was connected to her Ice Wall.

Ironically, the hero itself is not actually bugged - all her abilities are working as they should but Ice Walls enables the exploitation of a bug that allows people to reach places they are not supposed to, offering a competitive advantage in the process.

Additionally, Blizzard reminded players that the exploitation of bugs is against the Terms of Service, which is obviously a warning before they start banning people.

Blizzard Say, cheese! Sombra is getting nerfed on the same day Mei returns

The request for avoiding bugs is a bit odd since this could lead to less testing from the player side, which would result in more severe issues in the future without feedback to bring the spotlight to the problems.

Mei makes the third hero that was disabled in less than a month of Overwatch 2's existence, which makes for an awful track record, especially for a company that was once famed for its polished products.


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