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Lost Ark reveals early 2023 roadmap

Published: 02:40, 29 December 2022
Lost Ark roadmap teaser
Lost Ark roadmap teaser

Lost Ark is getting plenty of content in 2023 apparently as the first months of the year are already filled to the brim according to the recently revealed roadmap.

Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios revealed the roadmap for the first four months of 2023 when it comes to Lost Ark , with each month featuring a significant update or at least an event.

January will have the Witcher event where the players will be able to acquire cosmetics themed after CDPR's fabled game series but that's not all. According the description on the official blog post , players will be able to encounter iconic characters from The Witcher universe, probably meaning Ciri and Geralt are going to drop in.

February will have the anniversary celebration which is still secretive but the announcement was pretty straightforward with the new continent, Rowen, which is arriving during the month. Upon finishing the World Quest, players will be able to align with one of the two factions to initiate open world PvP.

March will build upon the February content with Tulubik Battlefield, a PvP activity that will pit two teams of 48 players, making it 96 in total. It will have several objectives and players will be able to farm faction rewards through the mass PvP.

April will see the addition of the Artist advanced class that will specialise in supporting allies. She will not be the top damage dealer even though she can summon allies by drawing them but with the powerful buffs, the Artist will be invaluable in any team.


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