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LoLdle Quote of the Day solution - Feel the sun's glory

Published: 10:18, 11 November 2022
Updated: 11:12, 11 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Leona
League of Legends - Leona

Another day, another set of LoLdle puzzles and they have a few things that might throw the fans off in their attempt to find the solutions.

League of Legends has a fair share of sun worshippers and when LoLdle starts featuring a quote about its glory, you know the solution is one of them.

The line "Feel the Sun's Glory" from LoLdle's quote riddle on November 10, 2022, is spoken by Leona, the Radiant Dawn.

One interesting note is that this aggressive support was successfully used by Fnatic's former substitute support during Riot Games ' biggest tournament of the year, World Championship 2022.

Meanwhile, the Classic riddle offers the following clues:

  • Gender - Male
  • Position(s) - Top
  • Species - Golem
  • Resource - Mana
  • Range type - Melee
  • Region(s) - Ixtal, Shurima
  • Release year - 2009

Riot Games Hylissang is the new Mad Lions support Rhuckz also replaced Hylissang as the starting support in Fnatic while the latter joined MAD Lions

The region of the champion might be confusing for some as Ixtal wasn't featured prominently back in the early days of League of Legends. In any case, the solution is Malphite, a literal walking mountain.

In the Ability section, we see the Blade of the Ruined King as the icon, which leaves no room for doubt - it belongs to Viego. The ability itself is named Blade of the Ruined King and it's in his Q slot.

For the splash art, we get to see a tiny human next to a gargantuan champion in the cutout so that narrowed it down a little. Solution for this one is Sion, the undead behemoth from Noxus.


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