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League of Legends - Do People Eat Poros In Lore

Published: 07:12, 11 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends - Poro King rocking that mustache
League of Legends - Poro King rocking that mustache

Various pictures of League of Legends characters herding Poros for various reasons are readily available to us. So, are the fluffy animals companions, or food?

Poros are the mysterious, magical, and much-loved creatures in League of Legends , seemingly originating from the Freljord. They have since spread across all of Runeterra, being present on every known continent, in every region and nation, and are a trademark of Riot Game s.

But, in the lore , what is their purpose exactly? Are there any health benefits, seeing as Braum and others that hang around Poros are all shredded?

Well, Riot Games have given us a response to this very question a long time ago, and in quite a disturbing manner as well, with a short story.

"As you slip the squishy, pastel meat into your mouth, your mind floods with every imaginable color: magenta, indigo, seafoam, chartreuse! With each juicy gnash of your teeth, a different flavor overwhelms your palate: cotton candy, chokecherry, salted sea bass, toasted coconut!

You swallow the tender morsel and your throat tickles as it slides down your gullet. You get the feeling like you have to sneeze, but can’t. As you pinch another bite from the plate, eager in anticipation of all the colors and flavors it will unlock, you feel a tiny itch ripple in your stomach. You can’t help but cough—a little at first, then A LOT.

Riot Games League of Legends - And so is Braum League of Legends - And so is Braum

Sprays of fluff and fur erupt from your mouth like confetti. The itch in your stomach grows into a sharp, stabbing pain, like something tiny is trying to beat down the door of your innards with fists made of knives.

Your guts swell and stretch as you cry out to your gods for mercy, for death, for anything that could bring an end to the blinding pain. Through your tears, you watch as two pointed horns rip through your skin’s membrane, thrashing and mighty like a bull through a matador’s cape.

A basketball-shaped creature struts from your gaping stomach, slick and sticky with your blood, then plumes its fur in one swift PUFF. Blood splatters across your face. Your shaking eyes finally behold the creature in all its splendor—standing soft and sweet as a sunlit dandelion atop your retching, soon-to-be corpse. It unfurls its big pink tongue and licks your pallid cheek. That’s the last thing you see.

Or so the story goes. So yeah, not a lot of people try it anymore."


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