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LoLdle quote of the day, "For my next trick..." and other solutions

Published: 09:06, 09 November 2022
Updated: 09:09, 09 November 2022
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League of Legends Shaco splash art
League of Legends Shaco may be the only remaining jungler in Season 13 capable of a double camp clear

Another day, another set of LoLdle riddles. This time around, the champions are repeating but they are in different categories.

League of Legends champions often references popular media and the quote from November 8, 2022, is no different.

"For my next trick, I'll make you disappear" is a line spoken by Shaco and it's a reference to the Joker from The Dark Knight, which may be odd to video game fans since Riot Games could have utilised something from the perfectly good depiction in Batman: The Arkham Asylum by Rocksteady .

In any case, the line is iconic and not that weird to see LoL's homicidal clown speak it.

As for the solution to the Classic riddle, we are given the following clues:

  • Gender - Male
  • Position(s) - Top
  • Species - Human
  • Resource - Mana
  • Range type - Melee
  • Region(s) - Bilgewater
  • Release year - 2009

Riot Games League of Legends champion Gangplank splash art Gangplank was recently featured through his gunpowder quote

The Classic solution here is the former top dog in Bilgewater, Gangplank, whose rule was challenged by Miss Fortune and eventually, she prevailed.

This time around, the ability icon doesn't feature a champion's silhouette or portrait in it so it might be a little tricky to guess but those who went through the nightmares when she was initially unleashed upon the Rift will remember well what Zoe's Paddle Star image looks like. We've seen it one too many times in the death recap.

Splash art shows a portion of the champion's head so it's easy to guess but just in case you are having trouble, it's Vex in an unusually light showing as the image is from the Dawnbringer skin line.


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