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LoL Seraphine Fixed in Legends of Runeterra

Published: 06:06, 12 October 2022
Riot Games
Seraphine - That's what we're talking about
Seraphine - That's what we're talking about

Remember all the fuss and force-feeding Riot did to the community when Seraphine was supposed to come out? Well, it turns out, had they not done that, the champ would've been better received.

At the time of her release, and perhaps even today, Seraphine became the most hated champion Riot Games ever placed in League of Legends , for all time.

We are unsure if it was the forced social media personas they had crafted for the champion, the fact that it was years since a monstrous champion and yet an e-girl showed up, or the fact that she didn't fit into the game at all, thematically, the fact is, she was hated.

In Legends of Runeterra, however, it's a whole different story. Namely, Seraphine has just been released to the League of Legends card game, and she looks like an actual League of Legends champion.

Her design has her building her own musical instruments, while dressed in the fashion of Pilotover, instead of her having a Twitter account and being dressed like a KPop star, in a world where Korea doesn't exist.

Twitter A picture from a Twitter account called Seraphin Seraphine - How about no

We have no idea what it is that differentiates the League of Legends card game, Legends of Runeterra, from the actual League of Legends, which makes LoR leaps and bounds ahead in terms of world design.

Though perhaps, just perhaps, it's the fact that the LoR designers still have a love for the game, and as it's a card game that doesn't bring in the big bucks, they have artistic freedom, whereas their League of Legends counterparts must do what the market requires.

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