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Mysterious teaser reveals the new League of Legends champion Seraphine?

Published: 09:25, 20 August 2020
two pictures from a twitter accound called Seraphine
Could this be the new champion?

After the recent releases of Yone and Lillia, an interesting thread on Reddit might have revealed another League of Legends champion - Seraphine, a new mid lane mage.

The release of a new champion is probably one of the most exciting events in the League of Legends world. So far this year, we've seen three champions, which means that three more are to come - an AD carry, a tank support, and a mid lane mage.

An interesting thread on Reddit might have revealed a mysterious teaser for the upcoming mage named Seraphine. It should be noted that Seraphine was already mentioned by a couple of youtubers who previously leaked Lillia and Yone.

Apparently there is a Twitter and Instagram account made this June that embodies the character named Seraphine. The art style is very similar to Riot's K/DA or True Damage splash arts, and she repeatedly claimed that she is the girl in the picture.

Seraphine is into music and the cover she made called Childhood Dreams by Ary is licensed to Universal Music Publishing group - the company Riot recently teamed-up for the Worlds 2020 music. A Twitter reply also revealed that she's into League of Legends.

Multiple people have commented that she follows a number of Chinese accounts on Instagram and Twitter which could also be one of the hints considering that this year's Worlds is being held in China, where Seraphine is likely to get revealed. One of the posts talks about her moving to LA which could be a fun reference to her recording the new Worlds songs in Riot's HQ.

Twitter A picture from a Twitter account called Seraphin One of her Twitter pictures

This wouldn't be the first time that Riot released a part of their game that has a real world theme with K/DA and True damage being set in our universe and both of them are heavily connected to the World Championship.

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