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LoL eSports - Faker Breaks Another Record in Game Against Cloud9

Published: 06:32, 11 October 2022
T1 Faker
T1 Faker - The household name

Faker has become a household name in League of Legends, in his 10-year-long career as a professional player. and as is the case with him, he breaks records left and right.

Whenever we think of League of Legend s' eSports scene, we must think of Faker as well, the prodigy of the scene, and the one who helped, with his actions, Riot Games elevate the eSports scene to what it is today.

This T1 legend , has now broken yet another record in his career, while in a game against Cloud9 during this year's World Championship.

With the game in question, Faker has now officially surpassed 100 games played across multiple Worlds, consisting of 72 wins and 28 losses.

If it's not obvious, having a 78% win rate in the highest-level League of Legends competition in the wold is no small feat to accomplish. It's to be expected of this three-time World champion though.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Akali - Silverfang Akali splash art Faker on Akali is team-fighting menace

And this year as well, with the showing NA is portraying, Faker could once again take home the World Championship title, along with T1. Though, Fnatic has, admittedly, put a bit of a wrench in their seemingly unstoppable momentum.

As for the other big-name League of Legends players, the second place with the most games played in a World Championship is Vitality's Perkz, while the third is Cloud9's Jensen.

All in all, every sport generation has its own legend, and for us, that is undoubtedly Faker.

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